Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby bumps are EVERYWHERE!!!!!

So I don’t know about everyone else, but it seems like when people get pregnant it happens in groups. In the past 2 weeks I have seen 5 people announce that they are pregnant! Don’t get me wrong I am happy for them all but not going to lie, it kind of sucks for someone dealing with infertility. Of course we know the world doesn’t revolve around us and people are not going to put their lives on hold until we become pregnant and most women have no trouble getting pregnant but it’s still a bit of a jab. I always feel bad when I read that someone is expecting because the first thing I think is “COME ON! WTF!”……. crazy right, not a normal reaction but I can’t help it and again it’s not that I am not happy for them, it’s just…… I wanted it to be ME damn it LOL. I read that these thought’s and feeling are natural though, so that’s good and it says to not feel bad for feeling this way. As much as they say it’s okay I still kind of feel like a b*tch. But I know one day, I will finally be able to make that announcement.

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