Monday, April 16, 2012

Change In Plans

Josh and I have done some research and have talked to some adoption agencies and it turns out adoption is WAY more expensive then we ever expected. For now we are putting adoption on the back burner and we will continue to see a fertility doctor and try to get pregnant.

I met with my new fertility doctor last week and she seems very nice. She believes that the reason why we are not getting pregnant is because of the fluid in my fallopian tube because it is toxic to embryos, making implantation very hard to achieve and it increases my chance of miscarriage. The only way to treat this is to close the tube or to remove the tube. Now surgery is not ideal because how much scar tissue I have and how bad my endometriosis is BUT it's our best option, once this surgery is done it will double our chances of getting pregnant with IVF because my uterus is fine and I am young. I am having a hard time with this because this will make it final that Josh and I will NEVER get pregnant on our own, even though we have a very slim chance of that happening now we still have that small percentage so to have my only tube closed is a big deal. I have decided to go ahead with the surgery because I have faith that our next IVF will work without that fluid compromising it. My doctor seems very positive, she knows my fears about having surgery but she has assured me that if she gets in there and there is too much damage she will back out and then place a device called Essure, they will go in vaginally and place the Essure in the fallopian tube which will pretty much plug it up so that the fluid will not leak into the uterus making it a safe place for a baby to grow.

IVF in Michigan is not cheap, it is a lot more expensive here than in New York. My new doctor does a multi cycle plan where you pay a certain amount (a little more than 1 IVF cycle) and you will have 3 fresh cycles and 3 frozen cycles, (fresh cycles means that they go in and retrieve the eggs, frozen means if you have embryos from your fresh cycle to freeze they will thaw them and then place them in the uterus) this will give us technically 6 chances (if we have embryos to freeze) at IVF.

This is obviously more than we can afford but because of my age it is the perfect time for us to continue with IVF (the older you get the slimmer your chances of conception are). My parents decided to host a BBQ in August for friends and family to help raise money for this treatment.

I appreciate all of the support that Josh and I get, this is very hard for the both of us but we have faith that 3 times a charm. Thanks again everyone!


  1. OMG I got goosebumps. I'm so excited to hear how this all goes!

  2. Please keep me up to date. I have you both in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I had the chance that you have to at least try. But I am everyday grateful for my daughter and the family that gave us an opportunity to adopt. Just keep pushing forward cause remember taking steps gets you somewhere not taking them steps and you will be stuck where you are at. Also prayers are for you on your surgery. I know how it goes to how feeling a little unsure about a decision. Sylvia